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 Zona Industriale


 Hashim Deshishku


 038/548 -127; 038/ 548- 125











·          Production line of wooden doors and windows with a capacity of 110 units for every 8 working hours.  

·          Production line of term isolating (term pan) glass with a capacity of 150 m2 for every 8 working hours.  The production unit supplies both production lines of doors and windows with glass parts.  

·          Production line of term isolating (term pan) glass with a capacity of 150 m2 for every 8 working hours.  The production unit supplies both production lines of doors and windows with glass parts.  

·          Bank activities: Main stockholder of the new bank (KASABANK) with private capital from Kosova and with its headquarters in Prishtina. Total investment is valued at 3.0 million €. KASABANK employs 208 employees.  

Location: Prishtina, Kosovo. This location includes storage, a warehouse hall and administrative office.  The company owns two other warehouses and one production hall in a different location in Prishtina and one warehouse in Podujeva  

USAIDKBS Activities: KBS (Kosovo Business Support) is a management consulting firm working under the auspices of USAID to improve the competitiveness of privately owned enterprises in Kosovo. KBS’s primary aim is to stabilize businesses assisting them to grow so they are able to employ Kosovars with some assurance of future development.  

Company ownership: The company is owned, directed and managed by Hashim Deshishku, an experienced entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience in the private sector.  Hashim holds a Commercial / Technical Degree from the Commercial / Technical School in Peja, Kosova.  

Activity Details: LESNA is a private enterprise that started its activities in the 1980s as a regional branch of the well-known Slovenian company LESNA from Slovenj Gradec, .  Then, in the 1990s it was transformed into a private enterprise and has been operating in Kosova’s private sector ever since.  The main activities of the company include trading or commerce, production and investments.  The specific location of LESNA in the early years of its existence were in Podujeva, while after the war the central location of the company has moved to Prishtina. LESNA has active participation as the member of the steering committee of the newly to-be-founded bank, KASABank. Hashim Deshishku owner and general manager of Lesna is also as a president of board in this bank.  

Currently, LESNA employs 131 employees and as such it is a cross sectioning of differing backgrounds that meet together to make a strong management team which has enabled the company to remain productive, efficient and sustainable.  The past ten years of the company’s existence show that the personnel are highly qualified and the company receives hard working contributions from all levels of personnel.  This strong base has enabled the company to compete successfully in the open market economy of Kosova and internal markets of neighbouring countries.  


Competitive advantages: Developed distribution network, through all Kosovo



·          The development sector deals with the new development programs where expansion opportunities are analyzed and new programs are developed. 

·          The engineering sector of the company consists of a biro for construction projects and an executing team.  This sector arranges the completion of projects proposed by external institutional partners and companies.  This includes the building of commercial complexes such as the three main ones in Prishtina, mentioned earlier.  

·          The production sector is divided into four major production lines: plastic doors and windows, wooden doors and windows, term isolating glass and furniture products.   

·          The Finance department takes responsibility for managing the finances of the whole company as well as the planning of investments including the investment program in the newly founded bank.   

·          The Commercial and Marketing Department is responsible for dealing with all issues related to exports and imports as well as representing foreign companies in the Kosovar market.  This sector of the company arranges the marketing strategy of LESNA as well as the advertising campaign.   

·          The legal issues and human resources management sector of the company takes the responsibility for dealing with company legal rules and regulations as well as ensuring that the right people for respective jobs are hired at all times at LESNA.  

Cost of production: Local conditions in employment, taxes, and other resources allow for low cost production while conforming to local laws and economic factors.  


Impact of development activities: Kosovo has been suffering a long period of recession and economic stagnation in the post-war reconstruction phase. In order to improve this situation USAID has developed the KBS (Kosovo Business Support) project. The objective is to provide an effective economic recovery vehicle for the private sector.

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